Monitoring Packages

    1. $15.00 per month (paid annually)
      This is our most basic landline monitoring package. With this service, your alarm will be monitored by our central station over your landline telephone.
    2. $25.00 per month (paid annually)
      This package provides an even higher level of security. This package has the capability to monitor your alarm via a GSM radio. This means that your security system can be monitored directly over a cellular network. It’s very fast!
    3. $30.00 per month (paid annually)
      This package utilizes the GSM in the previous package. The difference is that you can control your alarm from your cell phone! You can receive email and/or text alerts when certain events occur, etc. Most of our customers are moving towards this package because of its convenience and ease of use! Not to mention, our competitors are twice as much if not more with the same package!

For more information and pricing for your alarm, please call our office at 662-429-0653.

Surveillance Systems

We install both analog and I.P. surveillance systems. The analog camera in the picture below is a 2.2 megapixel vandal resistant turret camera. The quality is quite impressive along with an affordable price! Call us at 662-429-0653 for a free quote!